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Dive in and explore the features and tools that make LoadPanel a valuable asset for your business.

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Dispatch & Communication

Dispatch Management

Do away with legacy spreadsheet systems, which are limited in many ways including integration and smart reporting.

Quick Trip Setup

Quick trip planning gives dispatchers the option to enter a city and state or just a zip code. Stop options include current location, pick, drop, and deadhead. Based on the provided information, the system computes the distance between the entered locations and displays the mileage and the resultant trip CPM based on the entered rate.

Trip Setup

Trip Cloning

Clone repeating trips. This feature gives dispatchers the option to edit only the date and time which eliminates redundant data entry and speeds up the process of trip creation and setup.

Trip Cloning

Trip Planner Interface

Quickly analyze the trip progress by color of the trip boxes. Each trip is blocked out and color-coded for each driver on a vertical timeline. The dark-colored vertical bar indicates progress based on ELD and GPS data. Time spans between trips are also displayed. Color-coding on the appointment times is updated every fifteen minutes.

Trip Planner

Trip Expense Management

Add and track all trip related expenses and reimbursements in a simple and efficient way from the trip page. Use entered data in reports and invoicing, eliminating additional data entry.

Trip Expense Management

Document Management

Add and track all relevant trip documents from the trip page. All documents can be assigned to appropriate categories and later be used as an email attachment in invoicing. Your sensitive data is stored on secure cloud solutions powered by Google Cloud and Amazon AWS.

  • Multiple supported formats: PDF, CSV and images
  • Secure storage and retrieval
  • Backed up regularly

Google Maps Integration

Trip planner utilizes the full potential of Google Maps. Refine the travel route by simply dragging waypoints on the map. Traffic information is overlaid for additional awareness and decision making.

Google Maps

Activity and Auditing Timeline

Leave comments and notes on trips, drivers, etc. In addition to that, all user activity on the account is logged for later auditing, if desired.

  • Audit log of all activity
  • Custom notes and comments


Stay connected with your drivers and relay accurate and relevant information with a click of a button.

Automated Direction Forwarding

Once all stops are added in the trip creation tool, forward directions to the driver with a single click. Information can be forwarded via various communication channels, including SMS, email, and push notification in the upcoming LoadPanel driver app.

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Push Notifications*

LoadPanel Driver App

The LoadPanel Driver App is an upcoming feature which will allow for 2-way, simplified communication between the dispatcher and driver. The app will be available for free download for Apple iOS and Android devices.

Driver App
Tracking Section Icon

Tracking & Reporting


See your business performance on the LoadPanel Dashboard. The dashboard is a customizable interface to see the overall picture of your fleet performance and statistics.


With widgets, quickly overview the most crucial statistics affecting your business. A quick glance will provide information about active trips, completed trips, hours & miles driven, and other informative data.

  • Active Trips
  • Stale Trips
  • Delivered Trips
  • Completed Trips
  • Miles Driven
  • Fuel Used
  • Hours Driven
  • Gross Revenue

Custom Graphs

View graphs to get more detailed data over a chosen period of time. You will see the visual trends that are affecting the performance of your business.

  • Fleet CPM
  • All Fleet Miles
  • Loaded vs. ELD Miles
  • Fleet Broker CPM
  • Truck Loaded vs. ELD CPM
  • Fleet Fuel Usage
  • Fleet Hours Driven
  • Gross Revenue

Performance Boards

To get insight into performance of drivers and equipment review performance boards which highlight even more detailed data of day to day operations.

  • Truck Performance
  • Driver Performance
  • Dispatcher Performance


View exportable, well-organized reports including driver statements. LoadPanel strives to provide as much clarity and insight into your operations as possible, hence the list of available reports is constantly expanding. Additional capabilities to tweak reports to fit your specific application are also available. Reports can be exported into PDF, Microsoft Excel, and CSV file formats.

Dispatcher Performance Report

Detailed summary of booked loads, gross revenue and average CPM for a given period of time.


Drivers Report

List of company drivers with detailed information based on filters such as drivers license expiration and medical certificate expiration dates.

Equipment Report

List of company equipment with detailed information based on registration and inspection expiration dates.

Trips Report

Generate customized trip reports based on multiple filter options.

Realtime Tracking

Integration with various popular ELDs gives LoadPanel the ability to display crucial information in real time. HOS, GPS position, miles driven, speed, fuel usage, and engine hours are examples of data transmitted from ELDs to LoadPanel.

Location of Fleet

Always know the location of your trucks in real-time.

Completed Stops

Approve driver arrival times with optional notes.

Trip Progress

Monitor trip progress with color coding based on GPS location and upcoming appointment times.

Trip Progress


Get alerted when a driver nears a stop location.

Status Alerts

Keep track of critical information with a visual alert system to avoid forgetting important tasks or information that require your immediate attention.


Keep track of your equipment maintenance schedule with automated oil change reminders (based on mileage) and registration/inspection expiration reminders.

Invoicing Section Icon

Invoicing & Payroll


Simplify and accelerate how you invoice brokers by eliminating redundant data entry and get paid quicker.

Invoice Generation

Auto generate invoices for completed trips with a single click.



Package and email invoices based on factoring company requirements.

Invoice Emailing

Email auto-generated invoices to brokers and factoring companies with a single click.

Invoice Exporting

Export invoices in multiple popular formats.

CSV QuickBooks Xero

Email Templates

Personalize email templates with autofill data based your company needs.

Email Templates


Payroll reports and driver statements are automatically generated and can be emailed or printed with a single click.

Driver Statements

Print a PDF version of auto-generated driver settlement statements. The driver settlements include trip compensation, expenses and reimbursements.

Flexible Pay Rate

Pay Rate is defaulted for each driver but can be adjusted per-trip if desired.

  • Pay per mile
  • Pay percent
  • Custom amount

Expenses and Reimbursements

Keep track of expenses and reimbursements that can later be used to invoice a broker or compensate a driver. Expenses can be tracked for a trip or a driver.

Payroll Report

A summarized list of compensation, expenses and reimbursements for each driver in a period of time.